Home_Network_Cabling_installation_and_setup_MelbourneBased in the City of Whitehorse, “AdvanTEL Digital” provides a variety of services to Customers located in Melbourne’s Eastern and South Eastern Suburbs. Focused on facilitating the delivery of digital media and communications, we offer supply and installation of the necessary infrastructure items in accordance with regulatory requirements.

TV_aerial_Antenna_installation_and_setup_MelbourneDigital devices are now a core part of everyday life and the potential benefits and applications are expanding at a surprising pace. More recently, the transition to Digital TV has become a topic of strong promotion across industry, Government and distribution channels alike. What is Digital TV and what is wrong with Analog TV ? Well, in simple terms the issue is about spectrum management and in utilising new and emerging technology to maximise bandwidth allocations. To consider this in a little greater detail, click on this link.

Home_Wireless_Network_installation_and_setup_MelbourneMore importantly, having the FTA TV services broadcast in the digital format opens up a wealth of potential opportunities and forms a stronger connection between the core item of home entertainment, the television, and the power and flexibility of computing. Developing & building upon this connection is where AdvanTEL Digital can assist. We are prepared to listen to what your requirements are and to discuss options, attributes and costs in an open, transparent manner.

home_theatre_installation_and_setup_MelbourneHome_Telephone_line_installation_and_setup_MelbourneWe offer services that cover the breadth of digital communication within the modern household and are happy to discuss your needs. From the simple alteration to or addition of a telephone point, to TV Antenna and Antenna Cabling systems through to Home Theatre set up and Wi-Fi networking, we have your requirements covered. So, feel free to contact us for friendly advice and service beyond expectations. Whilst you're here, check our 'Specials' page for current discount pricing.

In addition to highly competitive pricing and great service, AdvanTEL Digital also have flexible payment options including card processing and direct deposit.




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Update to Smart TV

Upgrade your not-so-old TV to a Smart TV with the ATV40 Android TV Stick! Plug directly into a free HDMI port and you can use your current TV like a brand-new smart TV without the need for any external boxes cluttering up your living room.



Supply only $110.00 inc GST (Shipping Costs Extra)